Trial Class (ENGLISH)

Trial Class (ENGLISH)

Trial class with instruction!

Have you always been dreaming of hanging upside down in a pole? This is your chance to shine!
We'll tell you all the fine things about polesports and our studio during the trial class. Try it and see for yourself, for just 9,95!

Everyone is welcome at Sportief Paaldansen; male or female, young or old, whether you're the active type or have never done a sport before.
Anyone can learn how to poledance! You are very welcome too.

Who's welcome?
The trial class is intended for anyone who's either new to poledance or new to our studio. Especially when you've never tried poledance before we'd like to introduce you to the sport with detailed instructions.
We focus on the basics of poledance in this class: you'll learn a few basic moves and spins. Also gripping and climbing will be taught, and we're finishing the class with a move upside down! Very exciting but also very cool, because this way you'll learn everything poledance can teach you: flexibility, strength, dynamics and coordination, a little bit of courage but mostly a lot of sporty fun!
People who are already familiar with the basics of poledance can chose to go directly to a regular class.

What's the trial class like?

We start the class with a small chat to get to know eachother.
We'd like to know who you are and if you have a background in any kind of sports. And maybe you might already have some questions for us.

After this, we'll start with a warming-up to get the body up and running, and to prevent any injuries. After the body is nice and warm, we're doing strengthening excercises to prepare you for the pole.
We finish the warming up with some stretches to improve flexibiltiy. This all will take place in approximately the first 20 minutes of the class.

Now we can start doing the real work: poledancing. Everyone will spread across the studio and find a pole, and introduces themselves to the person they're sharing the pole with.The teacher will explain some things before she shows the first move. After every demonstration she will explain the move and technique in detail. When that's done, it's time for you to shine and try it out! During the whole class, the teacher will walk around to give you tips and answer all your questions. Ofcourse It'd be fun if you also help and cheer for your pole partner! (and vice versa)
That's how poledance becomes a teamsport too.

At the end of the class the teacher will also show you the cooling down, where we focus on relaxing the muscles we've just used.
Everyone will leave feeling challenged, proud and relaxed. There's also plenty of space for you to ask questions about the studio, classes and anything else that comes to your mind.
We like to introduce you as a member and will also tell you more about subscriptions and single or multiple classes deals.

Excited for the trial class?
Where and when can I do a trial class?
With 4 dancestudio's in The Netherlands, there's always a studio nearby. We teach trial classes in the following cities:

-Den Bosch
-Den Haag

The studio's are having a minimum of 1 trial class every two weeks which you can attend.
Check the schedule here. For more information about the studio's you can click here.

How do I join a trial class?
Would you like to participate with a trial class? You're very welcome to join us!
You can book your trial class through our website, by buying a trial class credit (proeflescredit) with your account.

How do I buy a trial class credit?
Register and get an account by clicking here.
When you're logged in, you'll see your dashboard. Click the button ''credits kopen'' and select ''proefles met uitgebreide instructie'' for 9,95.
Finish by doing the payment, and you'll have your credit with which you can book your trial class in a studio of your own choice.

How do I book the trial class?
When you're logged in you'll see your dashboard. You can open the menu by clicking on the three horizontal stripes on the left upper side of the screen.
Chose 'lessen', select your city and filter the classes by chosing 'proefles' on the right upper side of the screen.
You can now chose the class you want to book, and after that you're ready for your trial class!

What do I need for the trial class?
During the groupclasses and workshops at Sportief Paaldansen, everybody wears activewear.
For the warming up and cooling down it's nice to wear sweatpants or a legging.
To sit and hang in the pole you'll need skin for grip. It's important for you to bring shorts and a sleeveless shirt.
A list to remind you of what to bring:

-Long sweatpants or leggings
-sleeveless shirt, comfortable to use actively
-Flexible sportshoes or bare feet
-A towel and a bottle of water are nice too

The day of your class, it's not recommended to use any bodyoil or creams. As it will make your skin greasy, and less grippy for the pole.

Is the trial class something for me if I have experience?
You're always welcome to join a trial class to get familiar with our studio. We'll also tell you more about houserules, subscriptons, etcetera. Just keep in mind when you book the trial class that the class is focused on beginners. Repeating basics doesn't need to be a bad thing, maybe you'll even learn something new!
If you're not feeling like it, you can also book a regular class. For this one you'll pay the regular class fee (20 euro's). These classes are  appropriate for students who are already familiar with poledance.

Do you have any other questions or feedback about the trial class?
You can always browse through 'veelgestelde vragen' (FAQ).
Haven't found what you were looking for?
You can always send us a mail to, or contact us by calling our office 085-0220069.