Sportief Paaldansen Amsterdam

Sportief Paaldansen
Location Amsterdam
Tussen de Bogen 107
1013 JB Amsterdam (up the stairs next to the tattoo shop)

+31 (0)85 022 0069


Classes (separate group for children), training and (walk-in)workshops

You'll find our location on the first floor at Waterloo square. De poles here are 5 ½ meter long! With 4 static poles, of which one can be turned into a spinning pole. A spinning pole, as the name implies, spins. This will make your tricks look even more spectacular! All of this makes Amsterdam the perfect location to train if you want to practice on climbing, want to train for competitions, work on your drops or try out multiple tricks in a row. Not quite at that level? You can always work towards this with the different classes on this location. There are several busses, trams and metros that stop nearby. Besides that there are plenty of (paid) parking garages in the neighbourhood.

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