Les- en workshopinstructrice

Hoi hoi,

I’m Anna and originally I’m from Budapest, Hungary. I moved to the Netherlands in 2015, and I really missed poledance from my life, thats why I looked for a studio, and I got the oppotunity to be an instructor from the end of 2016.

One day I watched pole dance videos and I was inspired to start this amazing sport in 2013. Before, I tried several sports and I was crossfitter for a while, but the poledancing became my new passion. In spite of all I really like to use crossfit exercises during the warming up.

In 2013 I signed up a pole dance competition and it was a great experience so in 2014 I was competeted twice. I think that is very different than just doing one move successfully, you need stupendous stamina, and strength, that’s why I really like to teach combos.

My motto for 2017: I can and I will.