Jessica H

Aerial hoop Instructrice

My name is Jessica Hellmuth and I have been practicing and performing circus since I was 13 growing up in Colorado. I have practiced many aerial and ground disciplines including rope, silks, solo and duo hoop, trapeze, cloud swing, contortion, hand balancing, and partner acro balance. When I was 18 I moved to Rotterdam to attend Codarts Circus Arts specializing in aerial rope, where I graduated in 2020. I am now creating my first performance, a solo show called Corpomorphologistics. Alongside performing, I love working with students of all levels to develop skills in aerial arts and explore the world of possibilities it has to offer as a hobby, art form, or profession.

Also, I was hoping to know some general details on the job: if you have any idea when you will be able to open again, how it works when I cannot be there for a week, the precautions you are taking for corona, what the pay per hour will be, and if there is a contract involved.

Thanks a lot!

All the best,