Les- en workshopinstructrice


My name is Tram Tran, born in 1990.
I've studied International Business Management Studies here in Amsterdam. I have always loved dancing.

In late 2014, I bought a voucher through Groupon for a few classes of poledancing. Not sure what my exact thoughts behind it were, but I wanted to try something I have never done before. Also, no expectations at all. So I had no clue what was coming for me when I signed up for it. I remember, during my first class, I was mesmerized with the movements and strength those girls were having! But somehow I dropped after the first class, and a half year went by where I thought it's kind of a waste of not using the other classes (which I paid for). After I finished the 8th classes, I was hooked! I was amazed with how much I liked it (still do).

My experience with poledancing is that it is so broad, just like dancing. You can go either way, either style, add your own flavor to it and at your own pace! There is so much to learn, either it is strength or flexibility.

Anyone who is eager to poledance but somehow thinks there is an excuse for not doing it, is wrong! Poledancing is for everyone, either young, old, heavier, thin, short, tall, it comes in every shapes.